SRFF 2020
Santa Rosa Film Festival 2020 Brand Design
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Type and Timeline
Web Design
Nov-Dec 2019
My Role
UX/UI Design
Webflow, Sketch
Disclaimer: SRFF is a speculative event for this project.

The Santa Rosa Film Festival, is an annual film festival that takes place amidst the scenic and diverse setting of Santa Rosa, located in the heart of California. In 2020, the SRFF welcomes the works of acclaimed American director Sofia Copolla. Dipped in rose gold, the elegant and intimate signature style of Copolla captures the essence of the SRFF identity brand concept.

The 27th annual Santa Rosa Film Festival returns to Santa Monica on May 22-25 to showcase and premiere current award winning films from local, national and international filmmakers. A moderated filmmaker discussion accompanies each film screening that gives the audience an opportunity to interact with the filmmakers. Films screen all day long at Roxy Stadium 14 and 3rd Street Cinema. The SRFF Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception is hosted by the trendy lounge Bar Chloe.
SRFF's Mission
California Cinema Association, the presenting organization of the Santa Rosa Film Festival, is a year-round non-profit cultural and educational organization dedicated to fostering better communication between people of diverse cultures through the art of film and the moving image. We serve Santa Rosa’s diverse and under-served citizenry by providing access to world-class cinema. We aim to enrich Santa Rosa’s cultural environment by presenting film in contexts that encourage discussion and debate.
Project scope
Who is this for?
Film fanatics to young film makers.
Primary aim is to sell film tickets to provide an immersive experience of Coppola’s rich work to someone who is not aware. This website and mobile interface aims to encourage film festival goers to immerse themselves in Coppola’s work and immerse themselves in the city of Santa Rosa.
Site Map
Exhibiting Films
Brand Identity
Using the eyedropper tool, I selected the light, medium, and dark tones from a wide range of Sofia Coppola's films and these eight colors ended up being the final colors. For the accent typeface, Ogg Roman was chosen to reflect the elegance of Coppola's films.
Promotional Video
The main homepage introduces the Tickets call to action button which will lead the user to check out from three different event packages. Below the main page, the exhibiting films are presented, emulating the website. The circular button locates to the film description page.
The About section presents Sofia Coppola and her film making history. The SRFF mission statement along with the venue location/address is also located in this section.
The exhibiting films are presented respectively in cards along with the year. The play button will open a modal of the Vimeo link of the film trailer when pressed.
Purchase tickets
The event section encapsulates the goal of the site. The carousel under the Experience Santa Rosa Film Festival title holds a button in each section.
The following ticket packages are:
Festival Pass - Experience the depth of Sofia Coppola's work including an exclusive interview screening right in central Santa Rosa. Drinks and shuttle services complementary with this pass.
Day Pass - Immerse yourself in a double feature while enjoying Santa Rosa's city delights. Perfect to add to a road trip itinerary or impactful getaway.
Single Pass - Take a bite of a cake in Marie Antoinette or stroll the streets of Tokyo in Lost in Translation for just a single pass ticket. This bite sized sample of the festival is an experience you don't want to miss!
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