QR Cube
QR Code Generator on Cube Planes
Type and Timeline
Interactive Coding
4 Weeks
December 2019
My Role
openFrameworks (C++)
ofxQR Library
The scope of this project was to build an interactive display utilizing openFrameworks to leave an imprint that is widely accessible and is conceptually viable. By defining a QR code generator as the central platform of the project, I designed a rotating plane of an object within a digital environment. The user can input any website or a string and the environment will output that QR code. The purpose is for the user to leave a marquee like the user is leaving a mark.

By studying the anatomy of a QR code, I implementing an algorithm where the user can input free text, contact info, phone, sms, and a website. 

Some constraints would be setting a cap limit and defining the environment. Right now, the visualization of the environment is defined by the plane but after the main functionality is defined, I will then implement a more dynamic object meshes following the vertex buffer object framework.

Special thanks to Christopher Baker for the ofxQRGenerator library.
Thank you for viewing the QR Cubes project! It is currently a work in progress. For any feedback please email me at renaise.kim@gmail.com

(c) 2020 Renaise Kim