Mobile Market
UX Design for Uber Health
Type and Timeline
Advertising + UX Design
March-April 2019
My Role
Graphic Design
UX Design
Bao Luong
Camila Gonzales
Sierra Shih
Renaise Kim
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Healthcare is a human right. Adequate transportation presents a barrier to healthcare. Uber Health seeks to disrupt the industry that has effectively challenged millions of Americans from accessing basic aid. In order to help Uber Health achieve this, our team will be launching creative solutions to convince healthcare providers to utilize Uber Health’s alternative resources. In addition, we aim to raise positive awareness of Uber Health as a whole and its role in communities. Alongside Uber Health’s mobility power, we seek to unite people with a reliable service that can change the way we view healthcare.I had lead a group with three other designers at school to design, develop, prototype a speculative event space to produce a 10x10 foot activation space and event for Uber Health, along with an extension UX presentation. We conducted research on the demographics of our concentrated area; Savannah, Georgia. Savannah was selected by our team as we examined the issues of dire healthcare attention from providers and the inadequate transportation system. In this case study, we provided a comprehensive pro-bono event proposal.
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